Setup NaiveProxy Server

NaiveProxy is an unique tool that can potentially escape the most strict censorship firewall. I thought I would give it a try.

Setup the server

This is actually the simple part.

  • Follows this page to create a Caddyfile (See “Server setup”)
  • Go to this page to download the binaries you need
  • Follows this page to set up a systemctl service.

Set up client on Ubuntu

Client side is a little bit tricky and cumbersome to use.

  • Go to this download page to download the right naive client
  • Follow the readme page and create config.json file in the same directory
  • Open Ubuntu Settings/Network/Network Proxy
  • Choose “Manual”, and fill in “” for “Socks Host”, while leaving others empty (IMPORTANT!) See picture below.
  • After that, download and start to use “start-naive” and “stop-naive” scripts to switch between using and not using proxy.
    • Note only browsers work with this scheme
    • And it seems only Chrome is working while Firefox is not working (bug?)

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