Jun Sun's Linux/Open Source Page

How to Cross-Build Debian/MIPS kernel (01/26, 2020)
How I built Debian/MIPS kernel on Ubuntu 18.04 PC host.

How to Build Cuttlefish for x86_64/ARM64 host (09/23, 2019)
Cuttlefish is a new android emulator that use exclusively virtio devices and have native Android support. It promises both compatibility and good performance. However, it is not straightfoward to build one, especially for ARM64 host.

Trio-Boot Linux/Windows (07/07, 2019)
In addition to dual-boot Linux and Windows, one can also start the *same* Linux as a VMWare guest OS. I call this trio-boot.

Build Vyatta AMI for Amazon EC2
I went through the process of building Vyatta Core based AMI and put them on sale in the marketplace. In a true open source fashion, I'm documenting what I have done.

Build CentOS AMI for Amazon EC2
A script that helps one to build CentOS 6 based distro as Amazon EC2 AMI

Android hacking
No, I can't ignore that. See more notes here. It is the best hacking platform I have ever seen. (circa Jan 2009)

I recently (circa Dec 2005) spent a huge amount time and figured out how to build qtopia/qte for an ARM target. You can find a much simpler way to build them through a script under this directory. Here is the readme files.

A list of RPM packages
  • Dovecot for FC3
  • Mutt for FC5 - included a patch that spawn an external viewer for "application/otctet-stream" type based on their file extensions.

Revamp Linux time subsystem
Here is my idea about revamping Linux time subsystem to provide higher resolutions. Foundamentally it will transform Linux from a tick-driven time subsystem to a event-driven time subsystem.

My Linux/MIPS porting guide
Slightly outdated (on 02/10, 2004), but with help from people like Steven Hills this can be update to cover 2.6 hopefully soon. I also kept a "random thought list around.

Some small userland tarballs (for testing purpose)
(To be added and cleaned up later ... but here are the old ones)

My popular guide on flashing firmware on Prism 802.11b chips"
Yes I play with WLAN, especially hostap driver, on Linux. If I have time, there are some goodies to release here (including a bootable CD to turn any PC/laptop into a wireless access gateway).

Real-time-ness on Linux
Some real-time related stuff:
  1. a preemptiable kernel patch for MIPS around 2.4.21
  2. some preemption latency test utilities

xcvs - a web-based CVS tracking tool
Check it out at its own homepage at http://xcvs.sourceforge.net. It is a VERY COOL tool.

Some useful scripts
  1. cvspatch - apply a patch to a CVS tree (do proper CVS add/rm etc..)
  2. respin-defconfigs - Wheneven config file changes, default configs need to be updated. This script just does that for you.
  3. ipatch - interactively apply a patch, hunk by hunk.
  4. usock-timeout - client/server PHP scripts that test how long a NAT'ing gateway would keep an outgoing UDP port open. I have tested two gateways so far. One has a timeout of 2 minutes and the other has 10 minutes.

  1. mini-HOWTO on enabling gdbserver for MMU-less systems with uCLinux
  2. How to enable SyncML on T-Mobiled branded V3 (RAZR)
  3. A call graph to illustrate what happens when a user suspend and resume Linux on vmplayer.
  4. ebase - An old project on embedded database library. Not active anymore. I hope someday I can take "work" vacantion to get version implemented.
  5. A set of extremely useful, hard-to-find test programs, but ill-documented. For advanced and curious hackers only.
  6. Collection of my patches. Note this starts to get incomplete as xcvs is now working. I will probably put another page to automatically extrace patches that I check into CVS trees.