How to enable SyncML on T-Mobile V3 phones

Motorola RAZR V3 supports SyncML. However, T-Mobile apparently disabled that feature for their own versions of V3. This page gives simple step-by-step guide in enabling it again.

Here I assume you are using window XP, SP2. If you are using other OSes, your mileage may vary.

  1. Obtain necessary software
  2. Run MSU; Connect phone through a USB mini-cable; You should see the software detecting the phone and reporting correct status.
  3. Exit MSU; And start p2kman. p2kman should detect the phone and shows "connected" at its bottom.
  4. Download SEEM 0032 record 1 (0032_0001). See reference page for details.
  5. Modify offset 62, bit 3 from 0 to 1. That enables "Sync" menu item under "Settings/Connection".
  6. Upload the modified SEEM record 0032_0001. And restart the phone. You are done!

Here are the reference pages for your further readings: