Mini-HOWTO on gdbserver for uCLinux on MMU-less boards

Jun Sun,
Nov 19, 2008


I tried uCLinux distro made 8/8/2008 on an ARM7 MMU-less board and immediately realized that by default gdbserver won't work and probably won't work any MMU-less board supported by uCLinux.

Further it becomes obvious the information about enabling it is also scattered around. I decided to write up what I have found out and what I have done to enable it on my ARM board.


That is it!

Build cross gdb

I use a script to build gdb and all other toolchains. Here is the excerpt for the gdb part.


rm -rf build/$GDB
tar xjf download/$GDB.tar.bz2 -C build || exit
cd build/$GDB

mkdir arm-linux
cd arm-linux

../configure --target=arm-linux \
        --prefix=$PREFIX \
        --with-float=soft \
        --disable-multilib \
        --with-gnu-as --with-gnu-ld \
        > $LOGDIR/gdb-configure.txt 2>&1 || exit

make > $LOGDIR/gdb-make.txt 2>&1 || exit

sudo make install > $LOGDIR/gdb-install.txt 2>&1 || exit