Migrate/Re-use UmbrelOS SSD from Raspberry Pi to X86

I was running UmbrelOS on Raspberry Pi, with an external 2TB SSD disk. The machine is obviously under powered and started to show weakness. So I decided to migrate to a Lenovo mini-PC, M710q.

I need to re-use the same the SSD disk because M710q doesn’t have enough storage by itself (500GB). Ideally I can keep all the blockchain data and setup, so that I don’t have re-sync everything and re-setup everything.

While this may sound like a common question, I did not find many answers on the internet. The closest one is this one. However, UmbrelOS is currently at v1.x. A lot of don’t apply anymore.

Below is how I did it.

  • Prepare SSD disk
    • Upgrade Raspberry Pi to the latest UmbrelOS v1.1.
    • Shut it down via Umbrel Settings and unplug SSD disk.
  • Prepare PC
  • Migrate SSD disk over
    • Plug SSD disk into PC. Permanently mount it at /mnt/umbrel-ssd
      • /etc/fstab: UUID=e9ae3217-6a06-4721-b725-78e6524b4272 /mnt/umbrel-ssd ext4 defaults 0 0
    • sudo systemctl stop umbrel
    • cd /home/umbrel; mv umbrel umbrel.bak; ln -s /mnt/umbrel-ssd/umbrel umbrel
    • sudo systemctl start umbrel

It will take a long to re-start umbrel since it will fetch various containers etc. But it will use the same blockchain and other app-specific settings you had before on SSD disk. After a couple of coffee time, you will be all set!

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