Experience of Donation With Cardano

I just made a donation of 15 ADA to Cardano Forest project. I like share my experience and some thoughts.

The process is relative simple:

  • View the project page on web browser,
  • Click the donate button and copy the receiver address
  • Then switch to Yoroi wallet app on the phone
  • Click “Send” button, paste the receiver address, enter 15 ADA and click “continue” finish the sending.

First, this is really just a payment use case, which in theory it should not be too much different from, say, a PayPal-enabled transaction. However, there are 3 important differences.

  • No intermediary party needed. It is just one address paying another address. No platform company like PayPal or banks needed to facilitate the transaction.
  • No personal information exchange. None of email, name, or phone number get exchanged.
  • NFT token to ensure tracking of your donation to the true beneficiary. You will get a NFT token for every tree planted. Each ADA will plant 1 tree. People can still make flaws here, but the whole process is definitely more transparent and more trackable.

You can find out more at their web site. It is a good cause, and I encourage everyone to donate, not only for the cool and new experience, but also for its cause.

A few wishes that would make the experience even better.

  • I wish there is a “pay” button from the donation web page which triggers Yoroi mobile app directly. This is more of Android/iOS issue.
  • I wish the receive address and related qr code can embed the ADA amount, and perhaps even a short memo.
  • I wish Yoroi mobile app can scan a QR code from a picture, which is useful when you have the mobile phone for both web viewing and QR code scanning.

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