Jun Sun's Publications and Patents

  • Itay Duvdevani, et al, (me as the original inventor). User authentication techniques across applications on a user device. US patent, Application US17/683,157, Feb 28, 2022. (Google patent)
  • J. Sun. Towards a 64bit Only World - Introduction of 32bit-to-64bit ARM Binary Translator. Linaro Connect Conference, March 2017. (Linaro page, YouTube, local copy)
  • J. Sun, D. Zhou. Secure and Authenticated Transactions with Mobile Devices. US patent 13/868,844 pending, Apr 2013. (Google Patent)
  • J. Sun, Y. Wei. System and Method for Concurrent Operation of Dual Interfaces Between UICC and Mobile Device. US patent 12/757,955 pending, Apr, 2010. (Google Patent)
  • J. Sun, S. Longerbeam. System and Methods for Migrating Independently Executing Program into and Out of an Operating System U.S. Patent No. 8,397,229 (App No. 12/489,582), filed in Jun 2009, issued in Mar 2013. (Google Patent)
  • J. Sun, D. Zhou, S. Longerbeam. System and Methods for Efficient and Cooperative Operative System Switching US patent no. 7,877,592, filed in Oct 2007, issued in Jan 2011. (Google Patent)
  • J. Sun, D. Zhou, S. Longerbeam. Supporting Multiple OSes with OS switching. Published in Proceedings of 2007 USENIX Annual Technical Conference. (PDF, DOC)

  • J. Sun, D. Zhou. Secure operating system switching US patent no. 7,950,020, filed in Mar 2006, issued in May 2011. (Google Patent)

  • J. Sun, Y. Wang, M. Kallahalla, N. Islam. HAIL: A Language for Easy and Correct Device Access. In Proceedings of ACM Conference on Embedded Software, pages 1-9, Jersey City, NJ, Sep 2005. (PDF).

  • Z. Deng, J. W.-S. Liu, and J. Sun. A scheme for scheduling hard real-time applications in open system environment. In Proceedings of the Ninth Euromicro Workshop on Real-Time Systems, pages 191-199, Toledo, Spain, June 1997. IEEE. (PDF, PostScript, 9 pages)

  • Jun Sun, Mark K. Gardner, and Jane W. S. Liu. Bounding completion times of jobs with arbitrary release times, variable execution times, and resource sharing. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 23(10):603-615, October 1997. (PDF, PostScript, 14 pages)

  • Jun Sun. Fixed-Priority End-to-End Scheduling in Distributed Real-Time Systems. PhD thesis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1997. Available as Technical Report UIUCDCS-R-97-1973. (PDF, PostScript, 183 pages)

  • Jun Sun and Jane W. S. Liu. Bounding completion times of jobs with arbitrary release times and variable execution times. In Proceedings, Real-Time Systems Symposium, pages 2-12, Washington, D. C., December 1996. IEEE. (PDF, PostScript, 11 pages)

  • J. W. S. Liu, C. L. Liu, Z. Deng, T. S. Tia, J. Sun, M. Storch, D. Hull, J. L. Redondo, R. Bettati, and A. Silberman. PERTS: A prototyping environment for real-time systems. International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 6(2):161-177, 1996. (PDF, PostScript, 18 pages)

  • Jun Sun and Jane Liu. Synchronization protocols in distributed real-time systems. Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Computing. (PDF, PostScript, 28 pages)

  • Jun Sun and Jane Liu. Bounding the end-to-end response times of tasks in a distributed real-time system using the direct synchronization protocol. Technical Report UIUCDCS-R-96-1949, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, June 1996. (PDF, PostScript, 16 pages)

  • Jun Sun and Jane Liu. Synchronization protocols in distributed real-time systems. In The 16th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, Hong Kong, May 1996. (PDF, PostScript, 8 pages)

  • T.-S. Tia, Z. Deng, M. Shankar, M. Storch, J. Sun, L.-C. Wu, and J. W.-S. Liu. Probabilistic performance guarantee for real-time tasks with varying computation times. In Proceedings, Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium, pages 164-173, Chicago, Illinois, May 1995. IEEE. (PDF, PostScript, 12 pages)

  • Jun Sun and Jane W. S. Liu. Bounding the end-to-end response time in multiprocessor real-time systems. In Proceeding of Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Real-Time Systems, pages 91-98, Santa Barbara, California, April 1995. (PDF, PostScript, 8 pages)

  • Too-Seng Tia, Jane W.-S. Liu, Jun Sun, and Rhan Ha. A linear-time optimal acceptance test for scheduling of hard real-time tasks. Technical Report, Department of Computer Sicence, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1994. (PDF, PostScript, 17 pages)

  • Jun Sun, Riccardo Bettati, and Jane W.-S. Liu. An end-to-end approach to schedule tasks with shared resources in multiprocessor systems. In Proceedings of the 11th IEEE Workshop on Real-Time Operating Systems and Software, Seattle, Washington, May 1994. (PDF, PostScript, 5 pages)

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