Setup TailScale VPN Server on Synology RT6600ax Router

TailScale is great VPN. It is even greater if it runs all the time on a router! Currently it is available as 3rd party package for Synology NAS (X64-based) machines, but not for Routers (usually ARM64-based). *sigh* This blog talks about a way to set it up.

Grab the binaries

  • Copy (scp) over these two files to Synology router, say under your home directory’s subdirectory, “tailscale”.


  • Download the script that starts/stops the tailscale daemon
    • This script is derived from TailScale’s original script and is adapted to SRM environment
  • MODIFY SCRIPT with your own path for PKGVAR variable
  • Now type “./start-stop-status start” and “./start-stop-status status”
  • For the first time running, type “./tailscale –socket tailscaled.sock up –advertise-exit-node” and perform web-based login/setup. See my previous post.

Start up TailScale automatically

Copy the start-stop-status script to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ directory

sudo cp start-stop-status /usr/local/etc/rc.d/tailscale 

HELP! However this setup current does not seem to work, while it should. I’m still investigating.