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  Answer ID  
PRISM Wireless
  PRISM 2.5
  Date Created  
06/19/2002 03:04 PM
  Date Updated  
02/25/2003 02:37 PM

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  WinUpdate fails to update PDA or firmware.
  After updating the Production Driver to revision 2.x.x, why does WinUpdate not update the PDA file? The computer locks, and must be re-booted (re-set button or power off).
  There are interactions between drivers that copy firmware into RAM and our flash programming utility WinUpdate. The download feature is sometimes described as Firmware Download, RAM Download or LoadFirmware, and was added to our drivers starting with revision 2.0.0. Listed below is a work around that allows LoadFirmware to be disabled, and the PDA/firmware reprogrammed.

Applicability: The interaction, and need for the work around listed below and will be eliminated in a driver to be released with updated primary firmware in the near future. This does not apply to PRISM 3 cards that use Small Serial Flash (SSF) which depends on firmware loaded to RAM, or to USB cards that always use FLASH based Primaries (i.e. they only load RAM secondaries).

To avoid these interactions, you should disable the LoadFirmware feature with the following procedure:

1) Go to Device Manager.
2) Click on Network adapters.
3) Right click on the PRISM wireless card.
4) Click on properties from the pull down menu.
5) Click on the Advanced tab.
6) From the properties list select Firmware Download (may also be called LoadFirmware) option.
7) Select Disable from the Value option.
8) Click OK.
9) Repeat the normal PDA/Firmware update procedure.
10) Repeat steps 1-8, but in step 7, select enable.
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