Jun Sun's Personal Home Page

I revamped my page on 9/23, 2019. Old page is archived here for history preservation purpose. Here are the pages open to public now:

For the rest of page, I will post my technical notes in blogging style.
How to build/run cuttlefish, the new Android emulator (09/23, 2019)
Cuttlefish is the new Android Emulator, which can run on ARM64 host. It is not mature yet. This article documents the process to get it running on both x86_64 host and arm64 host
Trio-Boot Linux/Windows (07/07, 2019)
In addition to dual-booting Linux and Windows on PC, one can also start the *same* Linux as a VMWare guest OS while running inside Windows. I call this trio-boot.

Build Vyatta AMI for Amazon EC2 (circa 2014)
I went through the process of building Vyatta Core based AMI and put them on sale in the marketplace. In a true open source fashion, I'm documenting what I have done.

Build CentOS AMI for Amazon EC2 (circa 2014)
A script that helps one to build CentOS 6 based distro as Amazon EC2 AMI